We shape your ideas

We produce semi-finished products and panels with attention to detail and reliability, trying to adapt our family business to the needs of an increasingly dynamic and flexible market.

Our products meet the needs of design, attention to detail and consistency, fundamental pillars of MADE IN ITALY and stable garments for environments designed by the most well-known brands in the furniture sector for living, bathroom furnishings, kitchens and offices.


Raw and/or painted panels with thicknesses, dimensions and processes that reflect the requests of our customers. Doors, sides, tops, table tops or boiserie are just some of the semi-finished products that we are able to supply.

Finished furniture

Over time we have expanded the processes and services offered, thus becoming complete in all working phases and being able to supply packaged and finished furniture, including hardware ready for shipment.


Our know-how and the complete work cycle have allowed us to extend our production also to the supply of furniture for hotels, commercial offices and accommodation facilities, providing the best solutions in terms of quality and price.

Just in time

The flexibility of the market sees us committed to satisfying the needs of just in time production. We are at the customer's side to analyze and find the optimal solutions that respect time, quantity, quality and costs for this type of supply.

FSC® certification

FSC® certification

FSC® certification is a further example of our attention to wood and its derivatives and a further opportunity that we make available to our customers.

Renewable energy

The energy needed for our production cycle comes from our photovoltaic system and from suppliers who mostly use renewable sources.

Respect for the environment

We pay attention to waste management, energy waste and everything that can safeguard the environment.